Following the vision of Wali-e-Kamil

Hazrat Hakeem Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed Hyderi Naqshbandi

Aashyana Welfare Society has been established by Hazrat Hakeem Syed Zohair Ahmed, the grandson of Hazrat Hakeem Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed Hyderi Naqshbandi. Hazrat Hakeem Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed devoted his entire life of about 108 yrs for the welfare of humanity by preaching Islam, working as a herbal and spiritual physician, helping of monetary support and food, arranging marriages by managing their expenses, arranging employments for the unemployed, funding for DarulUloom (Ruknul Islam Jamia Mujaddadia) of his Murshid (Spiritual guide) and much more.


Chairman Message

Helping underprivileged is noble in the eyes of Allah

I, Syed Zohair Ahmed, Chairman of FMEF, would like to express my extreme pleasure in expressing my feelings while Inaugarating Aashiyana Welfare Trust. It is indeed a dream-come-true. A dream that my grand-father Hakeem Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed (R.A) and my father Syed Zubair Ahmed (R.A), envisioned decades ago. A true-visionary they were. Their insights could foresee that in this upcoming era impoverished will suffer, necessities will be upmarket and luxuries will doom the hearts. A system of charity commenced at the doorstep of Hyderi Dawakhana when the state of welfare was very limited in our society. With the efforts of my beloved devotees, Ashayana Welfare Trust is a true depiction of what me and my fore-fathers had always imagined. Services to humanity is service to Allah and one of the most esteemed deed renounced by His most beloved, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Helping underprivileged is noble in the eyes of Allah. I encourage you all to aid with all open-heart as it is indeed an act of compassion and goodwill. Your donations may be a life-changer for and innocent life. Your open hands and widened hearts for your shall be blessed in the eyes of Allah and His loved ones. As said by Holy Prophet (SAW): “I and the person, who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this – putting his index finger and middle finger together.” (Bukhari) Regards Hakeem Syed Zohair Ahmed Chairman Aashyana Welfare Society.

Vice Chairman Message

“If you want to find the Creator (Allah), search Him in the hearts of poor”.

Before I write something I want to bestow my head in thanks, before Almighty Allah for granting us the shadow of the great saints of today’s era. They are the sons of Great Walis (Sufi Saints) who, by their acts & efforts, brought our forefathers in the vicinity of Islam. They are working for the uplift of the humanity specially the unprivileged persons of present society where most of the people are living selfish life. It is of great privilege for my family that we have put our hands in the hand of Great Wali-e-Kamil Hazrat Hakeem Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed Hyderi whose grandson Hazrat Hakeem Syed Zohair Ahmed Naqshbandi is taking forward the mission of his parents by establishing “Aashyana Welfare Society” for the benefits of poor & needy people with great zeal. May Allah & His beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammed Sallallaho Alaihe Wasalam give him the courage & guidance in the life to come. It is humbly requested to all the philanthropist to come forward with open heart & earn the blessings of Allah as It is well said that “If you want to find the Creator (Allah), search Him in the hearts of poor. May Allah grant us with His Mercy & Blessings. Aameen Yaqoob Ebrahim Amiwala Vice Chairman Aashyana Welfare Society.

Team Leader Message

Please join hands with us and help us In this noble cause

We have been sent on this earth to serve not only the Creator but His creation as well. The vision of Aashiyana Welfare Society is to sere humanity to gain Allah’s raza and the pleasure of His Messenger Rasool Allah Sallallaho Alaihe Wasalam. We are thankful to Allah SWT that he has made us amongst those who are the givers and not the takers. Considering the poor state of socio-economic situation I the developing countries like Pakistan, there is a dire need for welfare organizations like Aashiyaa to step forward and reduce the gap between the rich and poor. The socio-economic imbalance cannot be reduced until we as Muslims stand up together to reduce poverty, illiteracy and corruption from our society. We are privileged to have been working under the supervision and leadership of our Hazrat Syed Zohair Ahmed Naqshbandi who is taking forward the vision of his grandfather and father. I, as a member of this organization request you all, to please join hands with us and help us in this noble cause. Advocate Muhammad Arsalan Shah Team leader Aashyana Welfare Society

Board Members of Aashyana Welfare Society

Highly Skilled Board Members

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    Syed Zohair Ahmed


  • null

    Muhammed Yaqoob Amiwala

    Vice Chairman

  • null

    Mueed Ahmed Aghai

    General Secretary

  • null

    Shahzad Jaffranai

    Joint Secretary

  • null

    Muhammed Ibrahim Naqshbandi

    Finance Secretary

  • null

    Aamir Yaqoob Naqshbandi

    Information Secretary

  • null

    Jawaid Ahmed

    Office Secretary

  • null

    Muhammed Arsalan Shah


  • null

    Adnan Ahmed


  • null

    Rizwan Kaleemuddin


  • null

    Syed Muhammed Ansar-ul-Hasan


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    Ahsan ur Rehman


Serving Humanity is Worship

Aims of “Aashyana Welfare Society”

  • To provide basic needs to the E underprivileged in order for them to live a healthy life.
  • To establish food serving spots (Dastarkhuwan) to provide complete meals to the needy.
  • To provide health care services to the residents of the under- privileged areas.
  • To provide proper job and work opportunities to the unemployed and needy.
  • To facilitate the establishment of small-scale business for those who have to fulfill their family needs independently.
  • To provide low-cost education through establishing a network of Educational Units where scholarship is also provided to the needy. We also believe that the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah are the core requirements of attaining knowledge. In addition to the academics and technical skills we instill in our students the essence of Islamic education by teaching the ethics of Islam.

  • To fulfill the clothing needs of the people living in the poverty ridden areas.
  • To provide shelter and aid to the victims in case of natural calamities and disasters in our country.
  • To help the parents in need cover their children’s basic wedding expenses.
  • To arrange Collective Sacrifice (Ijtima e Qurbani) with proper Islamic rules in low cost and facilitate free meat to the needy on EidulAzha.
  • To make walls of kindness around the city, on which the wealthy people will hang their excess clothes, bags and other reusable belongings for the poor.
  • To provide legal aid through our chain of kind lawyers.
  • To spread happiness among children by proving educational toys and books.
  • To facilitate the Rozedar (fasting person) in the Holy month of Ramadan by Iftar camp on different spots.
  • To spread happiness among the old age members of the society. For this we fund old-age House such as “Anmol Zindagi”.

Salient Features of Aashyana Welfare Society

Aashyana Welfare provides all Facilities

  • 1. Aashyana DastarKhawan

    Food is prepared and distributed in packed boxes, among hundreds of poor people on a daily basis and is served in dishes opposite to Hyderi dawakhana near Civil Hospital emergency gate. Food is also distributed at Masjid Muqam-e-Mehmood after Zohar Salah. (This costs about Rs. 10,000 to 15,000 thousand daily)

  • 2. Yearly Wedding Aid

    Poor deserving girls and their parents are provided with the aids to fulfill their basic needs of marriage to live a respectable life.

  • 3. Medical Health Care Services

    Aashyana Welfare provides medical facilities and healthcare to the patients of the underprivileged areas. Aashyana welfare helps them according to the availability of funds. Medical camps have been arranged in villages like gadaap town as on 8th April, 2018.

  • 4. Self-Employment facilities at micro level

    Aashyana assists the poor people interested in establishing or running their own business on small scale like to run a Rickshaw or cart (thaila), or purchase equipment/ material for their shop.

  • 5. Facilitating the Educational Centers

    Aashyana Welfare Society the project of Faiz-e-Mushtaq Foundation facilitates its Educational centers by Collecting funds for running numbers of DarulUlloms, Jamias, Madarsas & providing scholarships to the numbers of students of Islamic school (FMEF).

  • 6. Distribution of new and warm clothes, rugs & other basic needs of Life

    On every second month we arrange the trip for the distribution of clothes and other necessities of life among poor people of the unprivileged areas.

  • 7. Legal Aid

    We provide legal aid in collaboration with “Muhammad Ali Abbasi Legal Aid” to the highly disturbed persons.

  • 8. Collective Sacrifice

    The team of Aashyana Welfare works voluntarily to arrange collective sacrifice (Ijtima-e-Qurbani) with proper Islamic rules. It also facilitates people in carrying out obligatory sacrifice of animals at a low-cost and in the distribution of free meat to the needy on Eid-ul-Azha.

  • 9. Wall of Kindness

    We have built a number of Walls AASHYANA of Kindness in our city where wealthy people can hang their excess clothes, bags and other reusable items for the poor people.

  • 10. Iftar Camps in the Holy Month of Ramadan

    To facilitate the Rozedar (fasting person) in the Holy month of Ramadan, the team of our voluntary workers arranges numbers of Iftar camps at different spots of Karachi.

  • 11. Distribution of Toys and Books

    We have distributed toys and books among the children of villages to spread happiness in their lives.

  • 12. Publication of Islamic Books

    In collaboration with Faiz-e-Mushtaq Publications, Islamic books are published every year to enlighten and educate the society.

  • 13. Donating Funds to Old Houses

    To spread happiness among the old members of the society, Aashyana Welfare society has donated funds and arranged Iftar camp at “AnmolZindagi Old Age House” in the year 2017 and at “Gills Welfare Organization” in the year 2018.

  • 14. Holding Spiritual Gatherings

    In collaboration with Faiz-e-Mushtaq Foundation, Ashyana organizes spiritual and religious gatherings on a weekly and yearly basis. These gatherings keep the Muslims adhered to their religious values and awakens their Imaan.

  • 15. Media Cell

    We have a proper team of person who identifies and present the right deserve needy people the false one, and capture the whole welfare work of Aashyana Welfare Society from all aspects.

Our Team Members

Highly Skilled Team

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    Raees Ahmed Sahab and Nizam Uddin Sahab


  • null

    Ali Ameen & Saad Kamal

    Reporters & Anchors

  • null

    Hassan Ali & Shayan

    Graphic Designers

  • null

    Aqib Iqbal & Fahad Siddique

    Social Media Marketers

  • null

    Syeda Hafsa & Aamir Yaqoob


  • null

    Hafiz Jameel & Razeen Jabri

    Head Archive

  • null

    Shayan Haider & Nabeel Sohail

    Broadcast Manager

Women’s wing:

Suraya Fazal, Farzana shakeel, Shazia kalam, Yasmeen Rehmat, Naureen Jamil, Alima Amna, Syeda Hafsa Ansar, Saeeda Noor, Hoor, Farhana zain, Lubna, Riffat Rizwan, Batool zohra, Sundus mohsin, Rozina, Mariam, etc….

Join Hands to Eradicate Poverty!

Your donations may be a life-changer for and innocent life

In order to earn the raza of Allah Rabul Izat and His Habib Muhammed Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam and to help the poor fight the vicious cycle of poverty, the works of Aashyana Welfare society are working day and night with great vigor and sincerity. In order to increase the efforts, the Aashyana Welfare Society requires huge financial assistance in the form of Sadaqaats and Zakat, from the philanthropist of the business community. All the people are humbly requested to come forward & join hands with us to eliminate the poverty from our society and make the poor respectable citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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Team Work Aashyana Welfare Society

Team Work Aashyana Welfare Society

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