Hyderi Dawakhana (Since 1948)

Hazrat Hakeem Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed obtained the Art of Tib (Science of medicine) from famous “Tibbiya College” of Dehli under the guidance of famous Hakim Ajmal Khan renowned as Masih-ul-Mulk. He attained high status in this art due to his intelligence & capabilities and passed Tib examination in “A” class. Once his teacher Hakim Ajmal Khan sent him in against of himself for the treatment of one Nawab by saying that “I am sending him of whom I am proud of.” For the big Unani Hospital of Gawalyar an experienced & expert physician & Chief Tabeeb was required who could also look after its management. When the Raja of Gawalyar asked for a Tabib (Physician) than the Principal of Tibbiya College selected him & wrote to Raja that, “The college is proud of this student.”

From Gawalyar “Faiz-ul-Hikmat of Hazrat Hakim Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed Haderi was starts in early Nineteen’s & there he served humanity in this hospital for about 25 years with his art and simultaneously along with this apparent service he also benefited the deserved public and seekers of Tariquat (Talib-e-Haq) with intrinsic beneficence.

The prejudiced attitude & enmity of Hindus compelled him to leave Gawalyar & he resolved to go to Pakistan. When he departured from Gawalyar, he stayed at Bhopal State for days. One morning Nawab of Bhopal Sir Hameedullah Khan an intelligent & able Politician of his time, in order to meat him in person came & introduced himself & said “I wish that you permanently stay in my state, whatever facility you ask for will be provided”. Hakim Sahib thanked Nawab Sahib & said “I very much appreciate your offer & sentiments but I have decided to go to Pakistan & hence I apologize”. When he arrived to Pakistan by ship, at port Mr. Ashfaq Azeem Burney, Deputy Secretary of Ministry of Finance & Mr. Habib-ur-Rehmen, a senior Officer of State Bank of Pakistan, were present to welcome him. Here he established his Dawakhana first at Burns Road which was, later on, shifted at Civil Hospital Road where it exists now, named as “Hadery Dawakhana”. “Haderi Dawakhana” a place which was more than 50years enlightened by the faiz-ul-Hikmat of Hakeem Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed a perfect Wali Kamil (Holyman Bestowed by high blessings of Allah) is still beneficence humanity as a whole. This was a place in which when the Royal Imam & Grand Mufti of Masjid Fatahpuri, India Hazrat Shah Mufti Muhammad Mazharullah came & said “Hakim Sahib this place was Dawakhana & Shifakhana Both”.

Since Hakeem Sahib was fully attached with the art of Tib he had reserved his life for the service of people both for his patients & his mureedeen, When Hakim Sahib used to enter the Hyderi Dawakhana (Matab) it used to be so packed with patients that he used to make way to his seat with difficulty. Since healing power was in the hand of Hazrat lacs of patients got cured whether they may be from with in the country or abroad. Along with medicine they used to take with them Hazrat’s dua also. At the time of giving medicine, he used to tell the patients what to eat & what not to eat. When the patient used to come next time, Hazrat by feeling his pulse used to tell what forbidden thing he had eaten-Even the name of the thing which he ate used to be told. He used to treat every patient very lovingly but used to admonish them about the forbidden thing they had eaten which used to become the cause of their health. If any patient used to come at the time of closure of the Dawakhana Hazrat did not disappoint him & used to give him short medicine with which he used to get cured. “Even the dust of his door has healing power”.

Once a fellow (patient) came in the service of Hazrat Hakim Sahib from America. Hazrat felt his pulse, diagnosed his disease & gave him medicine, in few days he became healthy. When he went back to America he got himself examined by the doctor under whose treatment he was. The doctor was surprised to see that the disease was fully cured. He mentioned about Hakim Sahib. He was surprised that this art of Hikmat is still found in the world. He said if he came to Asia than he will visit Pakistan & meet this pious personality.

Hazrat Hakim Sahib used to treat incurable patients. In these diseases cancer, aids & other mortal diseases are included. A fellow (patient) came to Hazrat & said that I am suffering from cancer & getting it treated for the last two years. I have spent Rs.16 lacs on its treatment. Hazrat said, you take a week’s medicine from here & then tell me. In a week he got better & then he got full treatment & became cured.

It is the great blessings of Allah that the Faiz-ul-Hikmat of Hakeem Qazi Mushtaq

Ahmed Hyderi Nakshbandi Mujaddadi is in continuation through his pious son Hakeem Syed Zubair Ahmed & now through his grand son Hakeem Syed Zuhair Ahmed with expansion. They have proved to be the real. Successors, in all fields of life, of great grandfathers by following their footsteps.

May Allah Ta’ala ever keep this Astana(Person connected from Hakim Sahib) happy and successful & its beneficence may continue till Doomsday. (Ameen).