Life On Campus

Well- Furnished & Ventilated Classrooms

Faiz-e-Mushtaq Education Foundation school has spacious well-lit and airy class rooms.

Besides green board that is used for teaching, our classes also have soft boards through which students can showcase their creativity.

All these factors combine to produce a pleasant, bright and positive learning environment.

Computer lab

Computer is now a part of everyday life. Our school has a separate computer lab for girls and boys campus with the latest computers, which are frequently used by the students to complete a wide variety of projects.

Working on a computer is essential to develop a yearning for advancing into the field on Information Technology. Our students learn to use some of the latest and essential software required in their educational and practical life.


Library plays a vital role in all educational activities of the school.

Students borrow books for pleasure reading.

Moreover, they can search information through the wide range of books available at the school library, to carry out their projects and assignments.

Science Laboratory

A fully equipped laboratory is a place where students blend theory with reality. We have built two spacious labs, one in the girls campus and the other in the boys campus.

In the science laboratory, students learn to understand various concepts through experimentation in the area of physics, chemistry and biology. The secondary students prepare for their Matric examination in their school labs.


The security of the school and staff members is the prime focus of FMEF.

It’s well-equipped and trained security guards and high tech security cameras ensure that the school is a secure place for everyone.

The school entrance is surrounded by barriers as well to prevent unscrupulous entry into the school.

Stand-by Generators

In times of regular power outages, FMEF has installed power generators to supply instant power to its four campuses.

The availability of power generators enables the system to run smoothly without any hindrances