Hazarat Shah Mufti Muhammad Mehmood Alwari

Hazrat Qibla Mufti Muhammad Mehmood Alwari (May Allah shower his blessings upon him) was born in the night of Friday the 5th of Zilhaja 1322 Hijra in Alwar, a State of India. His Father Ghaus-e-zaman, khawaja-e-khawajgan (the Great saint of his time) Hazrat Shah Muhammad Ruknuddin Alwari (r.a.) was regarded among such a saint whose one sight could change the inside world of a person.

Until now, it is known in Alwar, India, that while Hazrat Sahib going to mosque or passing by a market and if any infidel or polytheist get direct eye contact with him gets the blessings of God and utters out “there is no one but Allah (the Almighty).”