Pre-Primary Section: Learning Through Play

The pre-primary method of teaching prepares a child for life’s countless rich experiences. A child experiences sensitive phase of development in the early years of his life. In the first six years of a child’s life, he has an incredible capacity to learn and embrace the world around him. We take advantage of those highly perceptive stages and provide an environment that triggers the intellect of our children.

We give complete freedom to our children to work at their optimal level and to think independently.

Our teachers at FMEF are trained facilitators in the classroom. They aim to stimulate the child‘s interest in learning and to guide him at all instances.

We also provide a complete censorial experience to our children by utilizing the five natural senses of a human body.

Our Montessori section comprises of three stages of learning: Reception Montessori, Junior Montessori and Senior Montessori. By the time a child is through with the Montessori section, he or she will be able to read, write and speak effectively. He will have an awareness of shape, color, size and space. We promise your child’s Montessori experience to be happy, gainful and a rewarding one.