Hakim Qazi Syed Zubair Ahmed

He was born at Delhi in 1946. He was the son of Ghouse of the time, Pir-e- Tariquat, guider of Shariat, Qutab of the age Hazrat Hakim Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed Hyderi. Gift of the Holy Prophet (PBUH): An inmate of the household saw Hakim Mushtaq Ahmed in dream in which he said about Hakim Qazi Syed Zubair Ahmed “He is my adopted son.

When he was two months old I obtained him from Madina Munawwara”. It is thus clear that he was a gift from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) (Subhan Allah).

Elementary Education

He passed his Matriculation Examination in 1962 and did Inter Science Pre- engineering in 1964.

Higher Education

In childhood, he was fond of learning different skills. He obtained the degree of B.E. (Electrical and Mechanical) in 1970 from Mehran Engineering University, Jamshoro, Sindh.

Tib & Hikmat

He had great interest in medical science. From 1972 he took education in Tib & Hikmat and obtained Certificate of “Fazil Tib and Jarahat” from Jamia Tibiya College in the year 1976.

For a long time, he practiced Tib & Hikmat under the supervision of his father who was Tabeeb of high caliber. Allah Ta’ala had granted healing powers in his hands. Due to his best abilities, he acquired a high position in the field of Tib

Grant of Khilafat

At one Friday gathering Hazrat Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed bestowed him with Khilafat, saying, “I am not in favour of granting Khilafat by race but Hazoor Ghous-ul-Azam has instructed me to transfer all my Nisbatain (connections) to my son Hakim Syed Zubair Ahmed”. Indication of his Khilafat was given in his childhood by the Emperor of Tariquat Hazrat Mufti Shah Muhammad Mehmood Alwari by saying “He is something else. Take special care of him”.

After the Baiat ceremony of Hazrat Zubair Saheb Emperor of wilayat Hazrat Shah Mufti Muhammad Mehmood said, “The affairs of Hyderabad will be looked after by Sahibzada Abul Khair Muhammad Zubair and the affairs of Karachi will be taken care of by Zubair Ahmed. At the 40th day of the departure of the soul of Hazrat Hakim Saheb Hazrat Sahibzada Abul Khair Muhammad Zubair did his “Dastarbandi” (Function of honoring by tying turban around head) and also gave him permission and khilafat.


He was very Punctual in attending the Matab (Dawakhana) & other religious ceremonies. Once he was indisposed and the doctor had strictly advised complete bed rest. On that date, the Annual Urs of Hazrat Shah Mufti Muhammad Mahmood was to be held in Hyderabad (Sindh). When his father saw that he was indisposed and was sleeping he went alone but the love of his Murshad was such that exactly after Zohar prayers he reached Hyderabad by bus. His father was very happy to see his steadfastness and love for his Murshid.

As the most obedient son & follower of his father he continued maintaining the timing of Matab under all circumstances. He also kept the spiritual ceremonies alive just in accordance to the one held in the life of the father and thus delivered the eternal happiness to the great father’s soul. He was very dedicated in many fields. He joined the scouting during the India-Pakistan war of 1965 and rendered the services during 1971 war again.

Keeping the practice of his great father he also used to give free medicines to the poor. He had maintained the simplicity in all aspects of life following the footsteps of his father.

He was very kind-hearted and could not see anybody in distress. He helped the needy in getting employment through his numerous followers. If he saw any shop devoid of customers he used to purchase something from that shop. Due to his beneficence Allah Ta’ala used to send customers to that shop and the subsistence of the shop keeper used to increase. In short, he was complete example of his illustrious ancestors.