Chairman’s Message

It was the dream of my grandfather and my spiritual leader, Hazrat Hakeem Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed Haidery Naqshbandi to establish an educational institution, enriched with Islamic and contemporary knowledge for young minds.

We initiated our program in 2001, with a small scale madrassa imparting basic religious education. However, since its birth we had an aim to expand it with time. Alhamdulillah! By the grace of Almighty Allah, in 2010, we were able to successfully inaugurate our educational centre, Faiz-e-Mushtaq Education Foundation. To expand our reach, we initiated our Gulshan Campus on the 16th of April 2016. Its curriculum has been designed to fulfill the requirements of the Cambridge board of Examinations.

I believe that the need for a moderate Islamic environment is a necessity today, as the young minds easily go astray due to the chaos and confusion prevalent in the society.

The team of educationists at FMEF has designed innovative strategies to enhance the process of learning and connect the children to the practical world. We aim to make our school an exciting place to study, learn and socialize.

FMEF has proved to be an organization which promotes positivity, tolerance, flexibility and a modern approach to life within the boundaries of Islam.

Syed Zohair Ahmed Naqshbandi