Hazrat Hakim Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed Hyderi Naqshbandi Mujaddidi

Ghous-ul-Waqt, Qutab-e-Alam, Pir-e-Tariqat, Rahber-e-Shariat Hazrat Hakim Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed Hyderi Naqshbandi Mujaddidi was born in Dehli on 6th Shawwal 1894 in the house of Qazi Ishtiaq Ahmed, the holy spiritual person and blessed Mureed of Hazrat Shah Muhammad Rukun-ud-Din the great spiritual leader of Sub-Continent due to whose efforts hundreds & thousands of non-muslims had entered in the arena of Islam.

The grandmother of Hakim Saheb once saw a dream that huge quantity of milk was flowing through her two fingers. When she narrated her dream before Khawaja Shah Muhammad Rukn-ud-din she was given the good heartening news that a grandson will be born from whose knowledge & excellence the people of the time will be greatly benefited and the followers of the sunnah of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) will increase over the world specially the sub-continent.

Primary Education:

Hazrat Hakeem Mushtaq Ahmed received the basic education from Hazrat Shah Muhammad Rukun-un-Din & Mufti Hazrat Shah Muhammed Mazherullah. He then joined famous Dar-ul-Uloom Fatehpuri Dehli and completed Darse Nizami under the guidance of Moulana Abdul Rahman

Tib & Hikmat

Thereafter, he completed the qualification in Art of Tib (science of Herbal Medicine) under the guidance of world renown Tabib Masih-ul-Mulk Hakim Ajmal Khan. He cleared this degree with distinctions and received the blessings of Hakim Ajmal Khan in these words, “I am proud of this young man”.

He treated one of the Nawabs as the special representitive of Hakim Ajmal Khan. During the course of education due to His thirst for religious knowledge he came in contact with many leading religious scholars and received ample high degree of knowledge from these scholars. Due to his high degree knowledge of Tib he was appointed as the Head in Unani Hospital of Gawalyar. Here he not only served the people with his knowledge of Tib but also served the religious knowledge seekers, on the special instructions of Murshid Hazrat Shah Rukun-ud-Din, by holding spiritual gatherings of illiterate & literate people. He produced many scholars during this tenure.

Migration to Pakistan

Hazrat Hakim Saheb, forseeing the future of Muslims in India by his spiritual power, decided to migrate to Pakistan. During the transit period he faced much life taking instances but was firm & safe due to strong belief in Almighty Allah. While he was passing from Bhopal he was offered high ranking position by the Nawab of Bhopal, but He apologized & appreciated the gesture of the Nawab Saheb.

On arrival in Karachi He was received at the sea-port, by Mr.Ashfaq Burney, the then deputy secretary in Ministry of Finance and Mr. Habib-ur-Rehman, the then the senior officer of state Bank.

He first settled in a flat on Mission Road and later in Nazimabad, where he breathed his last. He started the Matab (Dawakhana) at Burns Road and sooner shifted near civil Hospital where it exists at present.

Spiritual Implementation

On the information of Shah Mufti Mehmood, his personal & spiritual friend & the son of Hazrat Shah Muhammed Rukan-ud-Din, that he is taking Bai’at on the hands of shah Rukun-ud-Din, Hakim Saheb humbly took the time. Within the days when Hazrat Hakim Saheb was a sleep while reading the Maktubat-e-Imam Rabbani with the book on his chest, heard the voice intimating Him about the arrival of Imam Rabbani (May Allah Shower His Blessing upon him). On the arrival Imam Saheb said, “At this time Shah Rukun-ud-Din is Sheikh-ul-Alam and presently you are getting Roohani Faiz” (Spiritual Beneficence) from him & this will continue in future too. Hence you take Bai’at on his hands.

On the very next morinng he presented himself before Hazrat Shah Muhammed Rukum-ud-Din with the humble request to take him under the bestowed coverage of Bai’at. Hazrat Saheb took the Bai’at from him and congratulated other Mureedeens of Hakim Saheb’s arrival in the team. Mursheed Hazrat Shah Saheb favoured Hakim Saheb with special spiritual attention and took Hazrat Hakim Saheb on the high stage of Marfat and Haqiquat.

Due to high spiritual abilities of Hakim Saheb he was awarded Khilafat (Special Spiritual Powers) by Hazrat Shah Rukun-ud-Din & the same powers were granted to him by Shah Mufti Mahmood in Pakistan after the departure of the Holy Soul of Shah Rukun-ud-Din. He was granted permission in all the four silsilas (chains) i.e.Quadriya, Chistia, Naqshbandia & Shuharwardia, He was awarded by Mufti Muhammed Mehmood Seheb by these words, “I Love the one whom Allah Loves”.

Because of his eternal love & attachment with Khalifa-e-Awwal Hazrat Abubaker Siddique he was bestowed with his special beneficence. The chain of Naqshbandiya is directly connected with Hazrat Siddique-e-Akber & the beneficence of Him is directly reflected in the heart of our beloved Hazrat Hakeem Saheb.

Due to spiritual love of high esteem with Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (May Allah’shower His Blessings on him) Hazrat Shah Rukun-ud-din granted Hakeem Saheb with hand written shijra of silsila-e-Aalia Quadriya, on the directions of Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam.

Hazrat Hakeem Saheb had high-scale affection with Hazrat Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alif Sani. His all weekly khitabs (spiritual lectures) never ended without quoting the writings (Maqtoobat) of Imam Saheb. He was bestowed with special spiritual love of Imam saheb. He passed Safely & unhurt through many heart breathing dangerous situations in his life by remembering Imam Saheb spiritually in that circumstances. He saw the progenies of Imam Rabbani (Pir Fazle Rabbi, Pir Fazl-ur-Rehman & their family members) with high esteem & respect to the extent that he never moved with his back towards them. Imam Rabbani had wrapped him with his Noor (spiritual affection) & he had complete Fanaiyat (Spiritual penetration of one with other) in Imam Rabbani Majaddid Alif Sani (May Allah shower His Blessings on him).

Hazrat Qibla Hakeem Saheb was rewarded by kind appellations as Jan-e-Ikhlas (soul of sencerity) & Rooh-e-Wafa (soul of faithfulness) by his Mursheed (spiritual Leader) Hazrat Shah Rukun-ud-Din.

Today we the followers Mureedeen of Qibla Hazrat Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed (May Allah Showers His Blessings on him) & many others are benefiting from his spiritual blessings by giving attendance at his Mazar (Tomb), reciting Quranic verses & Dua (Prayers).