About Maqam-e-Mehmood

Markaz & Masjid (Maqam-e-Mehmood) is situated in Pak colony where disheartened people come & obtain relief for their soul and good wishes fulfilled.

It is the sign of love, affection and sincerety of Hazrat Mushtaq Ahmed Hydery Mujaddidi that he has named this markaz after the name of his Mursheed zada son of (spiritual leader) Hazrat Mufti Muhammed Mehmood Alwari (May Allah shower His Blessings on him).

It is the center of silsila-e-Aalia Naqshbandiya Mujaddidya. Some 15 years back Hazrat Hakeem Saheb had expressed, “I wish that a Naqshbandi centre be established as the symbol of the grace of silsila-e-Aaliya, with mosque & madrassah where along with the teaching of the principles of Islam, Hifzul Quran & the teaching of Hadith be delivered to the people.” He wished that the weekly congregations (Mahafils) be held in which khatme Khawajgan & Shajra-e-Aalishan Naqshbandiya be recited along with the recitation from Holy Quran and Naat (Poem in praise of Prophet Muhammed Peace Be Upon Him). The religious lectures (Khitabs) may be delivered by the scholars.

The God remains with the wish of His saints. After very short period a Talib-e-Sadiq (Truth Seeker) came in the arena of Hazrat’s Mureedeen. The love, affection and Hazrat’s high attention covered him in sincerity and the ways of Tariquat. When he learned about the wish of Hazrat Hakeem Saheb he purchased a big plot in Pak colony and Presented the papers to Hazrat Saheb. The responsibility of construction of the centre was carried by the old devotee and sincere Mureed under the guidance of Hazrat Saheb.

With the Holy Tawajjah and beneficence of Hazrat Hakeem Saheb a grand mosque, along with Madrassah in it, has been established here. The inauguration of the mosque was done by Hazrat Hakeem Saheb on 27th Shaban-ul-Moazzam 1422 HE/14th November 2001.

Today there is the Holy Mazaar (Tomb) of Hazrat Hakeem Saheb in which is the resort for all the people. Large number of people are benefited with the beneficence of Allah’s Kamil Wali (God’s Blessed Saint). As the sincerity of the devotees (Mureeds) of Hazrat Hakeem Saheb, the markaz appears to be a piece of Paradise. By the grace of Allah, Anwaar (Luster) and Rehmat-e-Illahi (Blessings of Allah) pours day & night in the premises. In Sha Allah this position will continue till Doomsday.