Primary Section: Building The Intellect

FMEF continues with the developmental goals of its pre-school programme in a strong academic setting. The primary section promotes the development of personal integrity and a lifelong love of learning through a rich curriculum and a caring, experienced and well-trained staff.

From grades I-V we aim to maintain sound Islamic and traditional values, high academic standards and encourage positive attitude to work and think independently. At primary level we aim to provide the children with as broad a base of subjects as possible. The core subject are: English, Mathematics, Science, Urdu, Computer, Social Studies, Sindhi, Nazra Quran, Islamiat and Art. Teachers lead children to raise issues, respond to questions, and build their curiosity to explore, conclude, converse and write. Students develop their own creative expressions through letters, stories, poems and articles.

At the completion of the stage of a child’s education, he/she has probably learned more than ever will in the future. Successful completion of the primary level provides the basis for all further education.